Where do I buy Bras.

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Most recently rediscovered one online clothing store.

Previously, it was an ordinary shop as all girls. A sort of showroom with rags that dragged from abroad, in general, everything that you liked. All of this was purchased in minimum quantities and sold at a higher price. Many such groups vkontaktike tyschschi. But recently I have personally met with the leadership and realized, that it is not just a family business, and the whole enterprise, where people work, departments , wholesale, all retail business.

And the prices have become more democratic and sizes range expanded, and the quality is no longer some sort of china, but only Europe and the US.

Here for example here so I bought a bra for 693 ruble

bra for 693 ruble

bra for 693 ruble

when she saw, I thought that fairy tale fell, such prices, even on the market do not have, and here the excellent quality but at a price. questionably, I dashed off Quick vkontaktike's message and zaznakomilas with owners. It is currently adequate and the business guys. His business know, vyrasli smeynogo of the business and not by hearsay know all the details of lingerie sales over the Internet, so that contact.

Yes, I almost forgot the link: 2korseta.ru

really I recommend, without baldy. это не реклама а дружеский совет читателям. Могу даже скидку выбить 🙂 пишите кому надо, есть бонус код с ограниченным числом вводов лично мой, если все не израсходую до НГ то пропадут. So there than there is help and share )))) Write in the comments, I have to throw off elektronku, that here in the open do not write.

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