Leaflets of the mastic

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Here's what you need to prepare Leaflets mastic:


Powdered sugar

Photo of the finished dish:
Листочки из мастики
How to cook Leaflets mastic

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

Take a mastic green tsveta.Eto main element in the production of mastic leaf- This list rozy.Mastiku little roll out and put on her listik.A now once again walk with a rolling pin,but the present listu.Listik imprinted on mastike.Nozhom or scissors cut listik.Izgotovim foil form,we want to give our leaflets and put in it a sheet of mastic and reserve vysyhat.Vot so look such listiki.Pravda, like real?

Photo Ready meals:
Листочки из мастики

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