Lightweight sandwich for breakfast

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Here's what you need to prepare a sandwich for breakfast Light:

1. 3 a large white piece of bread tosternogo

2. egg

3. a tomato

4. cheese

5. Any meats (I had the sliced ​​smoked turkey)

6. sunflower oil

Photo of the finished dish:
Лёгкий сэндвич к завтраку
How to Cook Light sandwich for breakfast

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

I took Tostik and cut all the middle, leaving only the loop (end tostika)

Obzharila it from both sides of the sublayer. oil, to slightly harden like a cracker

Akkuratno broken egg in the empty middle of a toast and fried

! Do not cover the lid, the yolk should remain yellow !

When the eggs ready- shifting it on a plate, and sent 2tselyh Tostik the pan

! butter-toasted do not regret should turn soft inside, but crispy on the outside !

When ready to toast, in one small glass cut a circle out there, where in a toast with an egg yolk is

Now assemble the sandwich:

One fully surviving fried Tostik put cuts in 2-3 layer

On top of a piece of cheese

Cheese put Chopped tomato

Again, a piece of cheese

And for a few minutes in the microwave, so that the cheese melts

Then I put the egg on top Tostik

And cover with a hole so Tostik, to be visible yolk

Bon Appetit!

Photo Ready meals:
Лёгкий сэндвич к завтраку

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