Meat in Indonesian ! ! ! – recipe.

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What you need (food ingredients) for the preparation of meat for Indonesian ! ! ! – recipe.:
2kg pork.(blade not fat).
The mixture is used for grating: Salt 1st.l. large, black pepper 1 / 2st.l., red pepper 1 / 2st.l., Paprika 1 / 2st.l., ginger powder 1 / 2st.l., sugar 1 / 2st.l.
Paste for rubbing: Onion 1 pc., Root ginger 50g., Parsley 1/2 beam,green pepper (halapinya) 2pcs., Lime 1pc., Lemon grass 50g., 50g Vegetable Oil.
To moisten meat: Beer 1 bottle.???
Photo of the finished dish:
Мясо по Индонезийски ! ! !

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

How to Cook Meat in Indonesian ! ! ! – recipe.
Take a piece of meat,cut in the middle and does not fully disclose how notebook,incision and again turned to reveal a layer of meat.
Making the mixture for rubbing: mix salt,Black and red peppers,paprika,ginger,sugar.
Rub the meat on both sides,We turn off and put in the refrigerator 24-48 hours.
Preparing a paste for rubbing: chopped onion,ginger,lemon grass,parsley,perets.Vso grind it in blendere until smooth adding vegetable oil and the juice of a squeezed lime.
Then take the meat,, expand and rub the paste on one side and a tightly rolled in roll.
Take a cotton twine and tied tightly in a few places the meat.
Kindle a fire in one side of the barbecue,heat should not be a meat.
The temperature of the lid mangala 105-110 degrees (Regulating flap),cooking time 6 hours.
Do not forget every 30-40 minutes humidify meat beer with a brush.(can and glass,standing next to meat)!
The temperature inside the cooked meat must be 80 degrees,or check the touch of a finger,meat medium must be elastic and not to provide fluid.
Lemon grass adds a delicate lemon flavor and prevents acid,ginger flavor complements gammu.Myaso turns tender,school,prokopchennыm,slightly spicy,with an unforgettable taste!
try,Good luck and bon appetit!!! Andrei.

Photo Ready meals:
Мясо по Индонезийски ! ! !

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