Cake hedgehogs

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Here's what you need to prepare Cake hedgehogs:


500g flour

500grams of powdered sugar or a sugar

500g margarine

1 пачка разрыхлителя baking powder

1 pachechka vanillin

100g milled hazelnut


2 jar of cream fat content of not less than 25 percent.

2 pachechku powder to fix the cream

2 bag vanilki

2 Article. l of sugar

Photo of the finished dish:
пироженое ежики
How to prepare Cake hedgehogs

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

margarine with sugar until smooth massy.potom dobovlyaet in this mass of eggs on the piece and have a good 1 whipped egg added horoshenechko then another and t.d.massa should get vozdushnoy.zatem smkshannuyu add flour with baking powder together and hazelnut and all once again very well vzbit.testo pour on 2 Protivin and bake at 200 g. 20-25 min.


of the above ingredients to whip cream and put on half an hour in the refrigerator.

cut kruzhochki.iz cup cake residue from warm izpechennogo test cook crumbs ie crumble.

krugleshki smear cream on all sides to bridge the two .poseredine spread more krema.esli PIROZHENKO turned thick then just cut down the middle and smear with cream and then roll in horoshenechko kroshkah.postavit overnight in next day soft and tasty just delicious.

Photo Ready meals:
пироженое ежики

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