“tulips ” of stuffed eggs – recipe.

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What you need (food ingredients) для приготовления “tulips ” of stuffed eggs – recipe.:
eggs otvarn.8 pieces.,
boiled beets. 3-4 PC.,
salt to taste,
green onions,
bread on request,
mayonnaise 2 tablespoons,
mustard 1-2 tsp,
Photo of the finished dish:
Тюльпаны из фаршированных яиц

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

How to cook “tulips ” of stuffed eggs – recipe.
good evening,expensive kulinarochki!
I congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday
I give you a bunch of edible “tulips”
and I wish you good health and well-being!
Basically,stuff the eggs can be any favorite way,
is not important…
The main thing is to paint eggs and give them the shape of flowers.
Already boiled eggs can cut in half lengthwise,vynem yolks.
Let us cut corners on “acute” side of the egg,
Lay out all the halves of the eggs(proteins) a flat omkost.
Grated beets natrom,
publish layer beet eggs and set aside for half an hour.
Meanwhile, prepare the filling:
I joined the yolks with mayonnaise,
mustard and herbs,prypravyla,ready..
Remove from the proteins beet layer,
farshiruem yolk weight
and spread on lettuce
or a slice of bread,like mine.
Spread “tulips” in the form of a bouquet,
between them and the bottom distribute chives,ready!
Can,not very well turned out photo,
It was actually my tulips are very similar to live…
Happy holiday again!
Bon Appetit!!!

Photo Ready meals:
Тюльпаны из фаршированных яиц

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