Jam of rowan

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Here's what you need for cooking jam of rowan:

1 kg of rowan

1,5 kg of sugar


Photo of the finished dish:
How to cook the jam of rowan

instruction (recipe), How to cook:

Very useful jam rowan, It requires a lot of trouble. But I always remember the adage not stamped, do not burst!

1 kg rowan after the first frost.( But since I live in Germany and the cold to wait a very long time, I pick rowan in September, sort out, My and tidy in the freezer for 2-3 day , then pull out and cook the jam.)Cover with cold water and leave for a day, then water drained and pour cold water again, repeat it 3 fold. Take 1stakan water add back 1,5 kg of sugar and bring to a boil, remove from heat, to fill soaked rowan, mix , leave to cool down. Then remove all slotted spoon berries, and syrup to boil 15 min, rowan sleep and cook more minutes 5-7 . Spread out on the banks and roll. If you do everything as I wrote all the berries are safe and shiny, and delicious how , Try not regret.

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